This is a work built entirely on the labours of others.

First and foremost of course we acknowledge the four journal keepers – Cook, Banks, Parkinson and Magra – who endured such hardship and danger and yet delivered such incredibly descriptive documents for our information and entertainment. How they did this under the conditions they endured simply beggars belief.

And let’s not forget those other mariners like Pickersgill and Sporing, whose works we have scavenged for this website.

Next come the great authorities like Beaglehold, Parkin, and the Hakluyt Society on whom all Cook disciples depend so heavily.

Then the great museums and libraries; the Natural History Museum Library and Archives (UK), British Library, National Library of Australia, National Museum of Australia, State Library of NSW, Greenwich and Australian Maritime museums (thanks Sharon, Alex and Ash) who safeguard and share so generously the treasures the explorers brought back with them.

So too those Societies and Associations and other bodies that keep the Cook story alive and celebrate the explorers’ achievements, like the Captain Cook Society (Australian and International – thanks Mal, Cliff and Ian), the Captain Cook Memorial Museum, Whitby (thanks Sophie), the Cook Shire Council (thanks Pete) and Cooktown Re-enactment Association (Loretta, Alberta and Erica).

My Father, who taught me the sea. My oldest mate Toot, and my son Harry who lent their luminous voices to the project, and my other son Charlie, who was always on hand to help.

Scholarly and talented friends who set me on this adventure, thanks Michael, Ken and Antonia.

Special and lasting thanks to Dennis Buck (Volunteer at the Captain Cook Memorial Museum, Whitby), George Fussey (Curator, Natural History Museum, Eton College) and Derek Smith (Sailor and seaman). These three heroes took on the marathon task of recording the voices of Cook, Banks and Parkinson for the Endeavour’s entire east coast journey. Their contributions, dedication and patient endurance have brought to life the voyage as never before.

To those others who find no mention here, whose works or expertise I have borrowed or even stolen, you know who you are, I salute you and beg your indulgence in the name of the public good.

The Cooktown Re-enactment Association wishes to express their thanks for the valuable assistance received through the Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme, funded by the Australian Government, through the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications.