The Land Story – an invitation

The Land Story – an invitation

The Endeavour journals made available on this website describe how Cook and his companions saw New Holland and its people in 1770.

But what did the people on shore make of the vessel and the arriving visitors? What is the ‘other side of the story’ of the events of 1770? What is the land story?

Elders of the thirty-nine Aboriginal territories along the east coast that Cook sailed past are invited to record their ancestors’ reaction to Cook’s visit.

Is there any oral history of the event kept by your community? Can you offer any cultural interpretation of the Endeavour journals for your area of the coast?

Between us we can build, for the first time, a joint history of the events of 1770.

Welcome to our shared website!

Your contributions should be written and voice recorded. Recording on your phone is sufficient. Please include a still photo of yourself, and identify the homeland you belong to.

John and Clare MacDonald